Message from the founder

Being a part of a dynamic, purposeful team of top professionals is pure magic and total fun. I've been fortunate in my business life and in my community life to see what people working together can accomplish-always well beyond our wildest dreams.

Not only have I pioneered the virtual company business model in my marketing companies over the last twenty years, but during that time I've also built several significant communities.

One community of local marketing and public relations professionals revolutionized how the American Red Cross used volunteers to get local professionals trained and available to help the agency the minute a major disaster strikes instead of waiting for professionals to come in from out of town. In earthquake prone San Francisco we have to care about that.

In another, through the Institute of Management Consultants, our community of management consultants collaborated to document ethical and responsible practices for people working together in strategic alliances. These practices will guide how we'll build this community going forward.

If you have ideas about how you'd like to see the CRI Community develop or if you'd like to discuss the possibilities for participation and sponsorship, please contact me. You can reach me at 415 771-7473 in San Francisco, CA, USA, or email me at: